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Spring 2022 Courses

Colorful Books

Storytelling and Entertainment Art

What kinds of art inspire you? Vincent Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo? Or how about something like Avatar: the Last Airbender or Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse? If you like art museums, TV shows, movies, comics, books, or Instagram art accounts, and if you like to draw and want to improve your skills, then this is the class for you! We will cover foundational principles of art such as 3-dimensional form, figure drawing, and color theory. We’ll take a look at the artists that inspire you and discuss how to create style. In addition to the visual foundations, we will also explore how you can use your art to tell stories. Whether you want to create an Oscar-winning animated movie, add a third dimension to your drawings, or just want weekly motivation to draw for fun, this class will be a great fit!

Taught by Justin Loo and Anika Nyman

Image by National Cancer Institute

Biology of Cancer

He comes after anyone. He targets the cigarette-smokers, the sun bathers, and 𑁋 believe it or not 𑁋 those who eat burnt pizza crusts (and any burnt food)… He takes the lives of over half a million people in the US every year and is the second leading cause of death in the country. His name is cancer. Researchers have been trying for decades to beat this disease and all its various forms, but the reality is we are still learning about him. Come join the Biology of Cancer course to learn more about how cancer works, why it is so invasive, and what you can do to lower your risk of developing it. This course promises lots of games and activities (yes, prizes too!), and no prior knowledge in cancer is required.

Taught by Hasen Alkoraishi

Ruined Ancient Architecture

Beyond Percy Jackson: Roman Myth and Philosophy

Whether it be stories of Bacchic cults, incredible heroes, or civil wars waged by dynamic gods, Roman mythology continues to compel us even today. Handed down from the Greeks to the Romans, this class will explore the legends that shaped Rome as it grew from a republic to an empire, and the resulting philosophies that still influence the modern world. We will also look at a variety of different Roman myths to see how they continue to affect stories. By the end of our seminar, students will be able to connect Roman religion and philosophy to its impact on the modern world, such as literature or pop culture. If you’ve ever been interested in ancient Rome, Percy Jackson, or even just mythology, then this class is perfect for you!

Taught by Haemin Lee and Advaita Chandramohan

Notebook Dried Plants

On a Journey of Growth and Self-Discovery

Have you ever wallowed in hopelessness upon experiencing failure whilst working hard on achieving your goals? We all have days where we feel that our life is useless and that there is no purpose or direction going forward. 

 The purpose of this course is to address a plethora of interdisciplinary topics aimed towards achieving personal holistic growth. From unpacking subtopics that teach about finding one’s passion and interests to addressing emotional and relational maturity, the course aims to teach students how to water their seeds of growth and meets them regardless of where they’re at in life. This class is most suitable for people who are terrified by leading a mediocre life yet have not discovered what fulfills them and are grappling with constant anxiety and fear. The course will delve into topics that teach practical daily implemented tips that will open doors for self-discovery, social, academic, and personal growth. Throughout the course, there will be a sheer emphasis on the importance of going out of one’s comfort zone, tapping into oneself, and being in tune with our inner voice. Some of the topics include unfolding the meaning behind the gift of life, the power of letting go of toxic people, and unfolding the hidden blessing behind failure and the many failed attempts.  In a nutshell, the class is a 101 guide on how to challenge one’s preconceived notion about themselves and expand students’ horizons to live a fulfilled life regardless of life circumstances.

Taught by Patricia Gerges

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